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Ayla's One Year Milestone

Not only did Alya turn one, but we also celebrated a year of breastfeeding. If you know me, then you know that photos are my love language. They are something I can stare back at and cherish forever. These photos tell it all! The sisterly bond between the two of them and a glimpse of our breastfeeding journey. We enjoyed this incredible milestone, and the best part was watching these two beautiful souls celebrate together.

Anora was only there for the cake, haha! This was the first time Ayla tasted cake, so she was not into it. The milk bath was her favorite and the cutest!

Julee (@thousandwords.phtgrphy) did our photoshoot session at the comfort of our home with natural lighting. She did an incredible job creating everything and making the girls feel comfortable. She DIY the backdrop using a white sheet and a greenery garland. The cake was store-bought; we added baby breath flowers and I purchased the cake topper from Etsy. The milk bath was simple, water and milk powder.

I am pleased with how the photos turned out.

Happy Scrolling!

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