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I'm not going to lie, transitioning to two kids took some time for me to get in the groove as a mom of two. First three months, I swear I was continually spending my life sitting on the couch with Ayla attached to my breast, or I was rocking her to sleep. And to get shit done around the house, I would wear her on my chest.

Anora craved my attention, knowing that the spotlight wasn’t on her anymore; she felt that. Extra time alone with Anora was necessary, not only for her but for me as well. To remind me how it felt like because honestly, Chris did almost everything with Anora the first couple months of adjusting our home with a newborn. Chris would be the one to take her to the park, bathe her, put her to bed, all that good stuff. All the things I used to do or we did together. For me, it was a complete change the first few months to see myself not doing everything for Anora, and her not understanding exactly why.

Finding a sleep routine and sticking to it was gold. Between Ayla’s first nap, that’s when Anora and I would spend quality time together. During Ayla’s second nap, I made sure Anora had her rest around the same time to achieve that quiet alone time, to reconnect with myself, even if that meant sitting down and doing absolutely nothing at all. Lol

After getting into the groove of things, raising two started to come naturally for me.

Over the first year, I watch my girls grow a bond together.

As soon as Ayla started hitting her milestones, sitting up, and crawling it got much more comfortable. Anora was able to play with her sister.

Ayla will be turning one on Friday. That's one year of raising two together, and it’s honestly one of the most delightful feelings. Sisters really make the best friends


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