I had to get my hands on the cutest diaper bag from HappBrand. My go-to bag when Anora was under a year where I felt like I needed to carry more. After her first birthday, I noticed I started to carry fewer things; I had no purpose of carrying a large bag. Out for dinner and I saw my best friend rocking a small chic duffel bag for her daughter from Dange Dover. She used it as her diaper bag, and I instantly fell in love with it, it was the perfect size to carry what I needed. Although they did recently launched their diaper bag collection, I need to get my hands on that next.

Okay, so what's in my bag? I've learned not to leave the house without these items for my two girls, at least for now.

-Honest Diaper cream

-Seventh Generation wipes

-Pampers Pure

-Changing pad

-Hand sanitizer

-Once Upon A Farm Food pouch

-Reusable zip lock for snacks

-Sippy cup w/ water

-Burp cloth

-Mango snack Anora's favorite!

-Muslin blankets

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