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Shrimp Ceviche

My man has taught me a lot about his culture and the food that comes with it. Shrimp ceviche is one of his favorite Mexican appetizers, and so it was a must to freshly make at home.

I am excited to be sharing this easy recipe with you all, as it’s one of my favorites. It's refreshing, healthy and full of protein.

We love to eat it all year round.

You will need raw shrimp to make this dish. I suggest wild shrimp; you can either use small shrimp or jumbo. If you use jumbo, you will need to cut them into 1/4 small pieces. I love using cherry or grape tomatoes. They are super flavorful and juicy. I also like to add an English cucumber to my Ceviche, they are a lot sweeter, and they tend to have fewer seeds. To give it that spiciness, I use Serano peppers, but, jalapeño peppers will do.

The shrimp will marinate in lime juice for 30 minutes occasionally stirring until they are opaque. The acid from the lime will “cook” the shrimp.

If you all make the Shrimp Ceviche, let us know! You can share this recipe on Facebook, Instagram, and more!


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