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Coaching Program

Its never too late to start living well

 Coaching sessions are individually and dedicated solely to you and your goals. Our sessions will coach goal setting, action plans, accountability, and progress/setbacks. My approach is holistic, signifying that I look at all areas of life, not just one. Together we will examine each aspect of your life, including health, career, physical activity, relationships, creativity, spirituality, social life, and home cooking, to see which areas we want to focus on in addition to overall health. By tuning into each area, you can experience deep healing and transformational life changes.

- observe what indeed nourishes you on a deeper level (food and non-food related)

- introduce new and  clean foods into the diet & begin to crowd out

- find the motivation to exercise 

- elevate mood and energy 

- cultivate a healthy relationship with food

Schedule a free discovery call.

(45 min)

6 Month Program


During our first session, I want to get to know you, explore what healthy habits are the most appropriate for you to succeed, and set a timed strategy to work towards sustainable change.

  • bi-weekly sessions

  • two 60-minute sessions per month

  • goal setting for each month of the program

  • email/text support between sessions

  • handout specific to your needs and goals

  • meditation exercises

  • meals plans

starting at $300/month

Organic Groceries
Reading with Coffee

This program is designed for you to become more in tune with yourself and make lasting changes to improve your health long-term.

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